Thursday, April 11, 2013


Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion
2 April, 2013  |  Digital  |  YHP002
Style: Psy-Trance
Total Tracks: 09

01. Champa - Bro (Original Mix)
02. Champa - Herb (Original Mix)
03. Spinal Fusion, Champa - Sleeping People (Original Mix)
04. Champa - Go to Sleep (Original Mix)
05. Champa - New Stars Are Born (Original Mix)
06. Champa - Bingo Jingo (Original Mix)
07. Champa - The Messiah (Original Mix)
08. Cosmic Vibration, Champa - Like Me (Original Mix)
09. Saga, Champa - Hello Hello (Original Mix)

UK born DJ and producer Isaac Houlli aka Champa has been a long standing character in the underground dance scene for over 20 years. After working, the crowds with his uplifting and full-on psychedelic trance sets he has also been working on his production skills and developed a sound full of greatness and awe. The genesis of this album comes from his global psychedelic DJ experiences. The inception for the sounds of 'My Son' began here 2 but the epitomic moment would come from the fact that he has become a father and his support from longstanding partner and Queen of psychedelic...
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  ♥ :    I     Champa - Bro (Original Mix)
          II    Champa - Go to Sleep (Original Mix)
         III    Champa - New Stars Are Born (Original Mix)

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