Tuesday, November 29, 2011

XPANSUL & DAWEED - Ampersand

Label: True Type Tracks
28 November, 2011  |  Digital  |  TTT006
Style: Techno / Minimal / Tech House
Total Tracks: 06

01. Deadline Deadliness (Original Mix)
02. Wind & Snow (Original Mix)
03. If Only I Had A Brain (Original Mix)
04. Ride The Storm (Original Mix)
05. Pilsenerd (Original Mix)
06. Let's Steal Together (Original Mix)

After the necessary break to move our headquarters to the beautiful island of Utila in the Caribbean, and start other projects, we are back on track with our 6th release. We are proud to release this mini album by label honchos Xpansul and Daweed. This package consists of 3 new tracks produced this year plus 3 unreleased and refurbished tracks from our vaults. First track in this package, Deadline Deadliness is one of those unreleased tracks weve been waiting for the right time to put it out. A solid Detroit-like piece of techno. Slow built over a straight beat with a dub feel, different layers of percussions and rhythmic elements add a jackin funky vibe, growing hypnotic till the deep and strong stabs appears, creating a playful sensation that keeps growing till tension finally explodes. Smooth and powerful. Wind & Snow, produced early this year, is a sort of futuristic hypnotic techno. With a strong dubby vibe and a solid tension, using layers of schyzo pads and an arpeggio of sine waves, the track builds up to a dark breakdown where the lead synth brings even more tension and discomfort while growing to reach peak time levels. Third in the pack, If Only I Had a Brain, was made this year using elements of discarded projects. A jackin and jumpy beat, with a strong funk flavour, is the base over which layers of hypnotic and mysterious elements make room for incisive dark stabs and twisted bell-like synths talking to each other in a musical game that creates a very effective dancey vibe. Ride The Storm is actually a full techno storm. With a super powerful beat, this track mixes aggressive and smooth elements, in a very classic way, evolving slowly but steady. Tension is almost unbearable, makes you jump, literally. A sure peak time monster. The fifth track, Pilsenerd, was never unreleased on an E.P. but appeared on Fabric 46 compilation, mixed by Claude Von Stroke. This piece of cheeky, funky, groovy and playful minimal techno, builds slowly, tension coming and going, freaky elements appearing and disappearing Until a fresh, playful melody takes over. Its jumpy and deliciously funny. And the fun keeps going when this twisted organ type starts playing this funk part and the crowd goes mad. We couldnt leave this one unreleased! Last, but not least, Lets Steal Together. A funky, dubby, funky techno track. Its jackin groove and an ultra processed vocal sample go hand by hand with a shuffle percussive synth and an organ melody, altogether creating a very danceable, tracky piece. WE LOVE TECHNO!!
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