Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CJ PEETON - Mesmerized LP

Label: Stellar Fountain
26 December, 2011  |  Digital  |  SFR006
Style: Breaks / Deep House / Tech House / Progressive House / Chill Out
Total Tracks: 09

01. Mesmerized P1 (Original Mix)
02. Mesmerized P2 (Original Mix)
03. Cold As Ice (Instrumental Mix)
04. Levitation (Original Mix)
05. Weird Nature (Original Mix)
06. Chill At The Beach (Original Mix)
07. Flowers (Original Mix)
08. Slave Of Dreams (Original Mix)
09. Utopia Sounds (Original Mix)

CJ Peeton a work alcoholic and also well trained music producer from Hungary (who now lives in Ireland) set another milestone in his carrier with Mesmerized LP (whick also a milestone in Stellar Fountain's history as it's the first LP release of the label). This time he shows his new sound which is more to the deep and lush side of electronica. The Mesmerized LP is a place of musical diversity: moving a wide range of sounds from dubstep to deep, through the progressiver edge of house. 'Mesmerized Pt 1' starts the journey with a nice intro, then the breakbeats takes the lead, the floating atmosphere just giving undescribable feelings, spiced with a meditative piano melody. 'Mesmerized Pt 2' continues where Mesmerized Pt 1 stopped. Lazy grooves, smooth basedrums, heart touching piano theme. 'Cold As Ice' shows that Cj search for new soundscapes, he droped a dubstep structure in combination with a jazzy feel.'Levitation' let our mind flow, the chilling motives make it so peaceful and wonderful. 'Weird Nature' reminds of Chicane's earlier works in melodies, adding a slice of the miraculous nature's sound in the beckground. The 4/4 rhythms starts with 'Chill At The Beach', which reminds us about a longlasting summer, warm pads and stirring vibes. 'Flowers' still got something new to show: a pinch of electro in baseline and a grandiose breakdown referring to classical musician's compositions coming into one so clearly. 'Slave Of Dreams' takes us back to sound of Mesmerized Pt 1 and Pt 2, but with more energy in the rhythm section. 'Utopia Sounds'including some funky guitar riffs, and glad chords to make us feel allright. So if you're looking for something useful as a christmas gift buy this release, it will make everybody dance under the tree!
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