Thursday, January 17, 2013

CHRIS FORTIER - Collected Moments Vol. 3

Label: Fade Records
14 January, 2013  |  Digital  |  FDCF003
Style: Tech House / Techno
Total Tracks: 010

01. Fantastic Diversion (Maetrik Remix)
02. As Long As The Moment Exists (Ed Davenport Remix)
03. Dubgowayway (Android Cartel Remix)
04. Want It feat. Brian Heuer (Chris Fortier Remix)
05. Twinkle Me (Opencloud Little Star Remix)
06. Andas Elff feat. Signal Deluxe (Chris Fortier Revision)
07. Portion Control (Joel Mull Remix)
08. Fattback (Android Cartel's Fatt Remix)
09. Soul Glow (Chris Fortier Remix)
10. Sunday Is A Travel Day (Error Error Remix)

Highlights from Chris Fortier tracks and remixes on Fade Records for the year 2012. As we close another exciting year and look to 2013 for more exciting sounds. We thank you again for all the support for year after year and day after day. We appreciate, and look to the future. Cover design by Ben Mautner.
© beatport

♥ :    I     Fantastic Diversion (Maetrik Remix)
        II    Want It feat. Brian Heuer (Chris Fortier Remix)
       III    Soul Glow (Chris Fortier Remix)

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