Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Label: Cocoon Recordings
26 March, 2012  |  Digital  |  COR12094DIGITAL
Style: Deep House
Total Tracks: 04

01. Heart And Mind (Original Mix)
02. Twentysecondcenturydrama (Original Mix)
03. Waffles (Original Mix)
04. Bossa (Original Mix)

Like hardly any other ambassador of modern Rhein Main House music, Christian Burkhardt has experienced a true rocket-like takeoff in the last year. Burkhardt's Cocoon debut EP "Stopover Goa" has, after one year, still a place of honour in many DJ's record cases. Also his legendary live set in the pouring rain at last year's Green & Blue may belong to the lasting memories of a life dedicated to electronic music. The Heidelberg-born producer has already worked for La Pena, Raum...Musik and Oslo, and his collaborations with Einzelkind and Sascha Dive became a talking point, too. With his second EP for Cocoon, he again sets new standards. There's nobody around who is able to alienate vocals from the collective memory of Afro-American culture into a hallucinogenic cocktail without harmful side effects in such a way than Burkhardt is. Nevertheless, and despite the massive, forward-pushing bass drum and hand claps, he never loses the focus of his Soul. So - open your mind, we wish you lots of fun with "Heart and Mind" and the considerably acid-like "Waffles", while the tropical-hypnotic seagull atmosphere of "Twentysecondcenturydrama" already whets the appetite for the upcoming club summer season of 2012.
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