Saturday, March 24, 2012

SUBB AN feat. BECKFORD - Take You Back

Label: Spectral Sound US
26 March, 2012  |  Vinyl 12"  |  SPECTRAL 108
Style: Tech House
Total Tracks: 02

Subb Ann continues to grace the big league labels with real panache, adding a second outing on the Spectral Sound imprint to recent impressive turns for Culprit, My Favourite Robot and Silver Network. Given the critical acclaim afforded to The Lovers Night, Subb Ann's debut on the Ghostly offshoot last year, it's no surprise to see him return, and it's not a surprise Take You Back matches his previous effort either. Featuring the vocal talents of Beckford, the undoubted sex of the track will certainly find favour with those who check every Visionquest or Crosstown release and it's backed with a fine remix from Spectral mainstay Ryan Elliott. Wisely opting to change up the mood, Elliott discards with the sultry swaggering groove in favour of a more minimal approach with the deftly programmed drums possibly responsible for the sliced and diced treatment of the once soulful vocals.
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