Sunday, February 3, 2013

MARCO BAILEY - High Volume

Label: MB Elektronics Belgium 
4 February, 2013  |  CD  |  MBE 100
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 012

Although often robust and wide-eyed, Marco Bailey's particular brand of techno-inspired electronic music owes as much to classic progressive house, ambient and modern tech-house as it does to Dave Clarke or Detroit futurism. This musical melting pot - born, we can only assume, from nearly two decades of music-making, gives High Volume, his latest full length, a vibrancy sometimes missing on previous exercises. There's much to admire, from the bongo-laden assault of "Summer Madness" and early Black Dog-ish "Grolzham", to the shuffling trip-hop sweetness of "The Airport Lounge" and classical sweep of "She Leaves".

  ♥ :    I     Marco Bailey - Grolzham
          II    Marco Bailey - The Falcon
         III    Marco Bailey - The Fox :       Marco Bailey         MB Elektronics Belgium

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