Sunday, February 24, 2013


Label: Fabric
18 February, 2013  |  CD  |  FABRIC 135
Style: Deep House
Total Tracks: 015

Given that he took his DJ/production pseudonym from the name of a 19th century Romanian writer of folk stories, it's no surprise that Petre Insperescu's chosen form of techno is shuffling, atmospheric and classically-minded. Sitting somewhere between Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos and Nicholas Jaar, his sparse but well-rounded productions are simultaneously pleasingly calming and genuinely energetic, full of curious touches (a twinkling, distant piano here, a cut-glass string trio there) and gentle exploration. Gathered together and mixed into a seamless whole, as on this first mix for Fabric, they offer an intriguing journey that should appeal to all those who love their techno subdued and atmospheric.

  ♥ :    I     Petre Inspirescu - La Cuba
          II    Petre Inspirescu - FH Dub
         III    Petre Inspirescu - Murgul :       Petre Inspirescu         Fabric

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