Friday, January 20, 2012

SURVEX - Survex EP

Label: Fluxus Records
19 January, 2012  |  Digital  |  FLUXUS004D
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 04

01. Slowdoow (Original Mix)
02. Universe Cutting (Original Mix)
03. Old Reuse (Original Mix)
04. W112 (Original Mix)

New name in the techno scene. Survex is the artist, Survex is the title of this release. He shows four tracks of techno clean, dark, industrial. Slowdoow and Old Reuse, are definitely the tracks where the artist wants to hypnotize the crowd.Sounds metallic. Rhythmic straight on their way. Mental paths that can create anxiety states in the hidden parts of your brain. Do you know where to start but don't know where to end. Universe Cutting and W112 are two tracks that take you to explore more closely those hidden parts. Sounds and drones running around you. In some moments seem even closer, at other times it seems that leave you free. Welcome to the introverted world of this new artist, Fluxus Records has selected very well.
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