Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EAST CAFE - Outside

Label: Stellar Fountain
14 May, 2012  |  Digital  |  SFR018
Style: Progressive House
Total Tracks: 04

01. Outside (Original Mix)
02. Outside (MiraculuM's Inside Mix)
03. Outside (Thanos Kous Remix)
04. One Night Stand (Original Mix)

This time one of the most respected hungarian progressive house artist Gabor Kaszas aka East Cafe cooperates with Stellar Fountain for a remarkable EP 'Outside' which carries the finest vibes of house music. If you listen to the EP's main title 'Outside' just find it as a piece of yourself. The chirping chime melodies simply cause shivering, while the smooth grooves and background percussion assists to the musical catharsis. MiraculuM dressed the original dreamy textures into his unforgettable sound imprint. It all starts with a well build intro, then the whole track going through an emotional boom, with amazing synth-sounds and spacey sound effects. Thanos Kous prove his talent on 'Baby Eyes' last time, now he emerged with a ground breaking version, which lays on stiff foundation and liquid atmosphere armed with the feel of weightlessness. 'One Night Stand' should be a thematic piece of music, as Gabor said, it builds like a one night stand between two foreigner. Long prologue, then the breakdown means the peak of the act with a lovely guitar solo, then at the end of the night they say goodbye to each other with the last groove.
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