Sunday, May 6, 2012

NX1 - SR

Label: Semantica Spain
7 May, 2012  |  Vinyl 12"  |  SEM 042
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 02

01. SR1
02. SR2

Throbbing basement techno vibes aplenty here as NX1 (aka Joan Sureda and Tomas Bernabe) debut on the ever impressive Spanish hub Semantica. A crisp breakbeat underpins A-Side roller "SR 1", with the synths ruggedly hanging over the track like leaden clouds and percussive ticks and hisses imbuing the track with an irresistible groove. Flipping over, "SR 2" has more of a big room feel to it, with a vast, reverb-laden soundscape characterised by neck snapping percussion and occasional wooshes of low frequency pressure. Slip it down a notch to 33rpm for some druggy slow-mo doomscape business!
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