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STEFAN ANION - Rewoven 01

Label: Silk Digital Records
29 May, 2012  |  Digital  |  SILKRWN01B
Style: Progressive House / Breaks / Electronica
Total Tracks: 08

01. Dom - Satellite Symphony (Original Mix)
02. Stefan Anion, Kobana - Frisky (Rewoven Mix)
03. Stefan Anion, Mark Bale - Snow Shades (Rewoven Mix)
04. Stefan Anion, B.O.N.G. - Back To Floripa (Rewoven Mix)
05. Stefan Anion, Craving - Superlunary (Rewoven Mix)
06. Stefan Anion, Kazusa - Lizard (Rewoven Mix)
07. Stefan Anion - Cosmonaut (Rewoven Mix)
08. Stefan Anion - Rewoven 01 (Continuous DJ Mix)

Silk is thrilled to present "Rewoven 01" the first in a new compilation series, in which an accomplished label artist is given the task of "weaving" together various, previously-released label tracks, as well as adding a few originals to the mix. For the first installment, Silk tapped Italian-born (and now USA-based) artist Stefan Anion (a.k.a. Stefan Weise), who is already well-known in underground progressive house, breaks, and even ambient circles for his innovative, ground-breaking compositions. Given his reputation, it should not have surprised us that Stefan took the concept of "Rewoven" a step further than we originally imagined: he not only has mixed various Silk cuts together, but he has also dissected, rearranged, and reworked each one of them (including the addition of numerous original elements), with the end result of truly conceiving a brand new version of each track within the mix. In this sense, then, it would not be an unfair comparison to liken Stefan's "Rewoven 01" to Jooris Voorn's legendary "Balance 014," another prominent example of a truly "compositional" artist mix. The mix begins with "Satelitte Symphony" by DoM, another Anion alias, which he uses for more experimental works. He could not have chosen a better opener, as the beat-less, atmospheric introduction transports the listener immediately into an outer-worldly, spacial dimension. This track also makes an immediate statement: Anion's gift for sound design is not only technically superlative, but powerfully evocative and even "cinematic." The subsequent Anion Remix of "Frisky," written by the increasingly-beloved Polish artist Kobana, centers on an upbeat rhythm and a heavily filtered, yet truly gorgeous lead chord progression. In the break, a stunning symphonic string arrangement is presented, as if to imply that the 'satellites' from the previous track have not yet finished their signaling duties. The next track, "Snow Shades," which was originally composed by acclaimed German duo Bale and Voltaire (before receiving the Anion treatment), is one of the few tracks on the mix that was not previously released as a single on Silk; in fact, this track, in reworked form, makes its debut on the compilation. To continue the galactic theme: the bouncy, yet techy rhythm and staccato, glitch stabs filling out the atmosphere of this one would suitably serve as the soundtrack of an odyssey to the moon, or perhaps a more distant celestial body. Next, we are met by the more melodic "Back to Floripa," which, in its original form, was a joyful tribute to the popular resort city by Argentinian artist B.O.N.G. The main motif in Anion's new 'Edit' is a heavily-delayed and layered arp line, which, in its much more heavily processed incarnation, conjures visions of an encounter with an alien life form. The track that follows, "Lizard" by Japanese talent Kazusa, also has a radiant and richly melodic "soul." Anion has succeeded in maintaining the overall "lush" vibe of the track, though, the rhythm is completely reworked as an almost down-tempo progressive track. The result is truly mesmerizing, as it features a variety of additional melodic layers and atmospheric effects. International acclaimed Russian duo Craving contributes a song ("Superlunary") that is not only ideal from a titular standpoint, but also fits the mood perfectly from an aural perspective. Anion's 'Edit' toys with the delicate, crystalline melodies of the Original Mix, while counter-balancing these with a darker, almost "gurgling" bassline, which begins to crescendo. A mid-track main break features "echoes" of the lovely melodic tones, soon followed by a powerful, climactic drop, at which point the mix has truly reached its rhythmic (and perhaps even emotional) zenith. Next up, we are greeted by a track that has already received tremendous radio support and acclaim from international DJ's and fans alike -- Anion's own "Cosmonaut," which was released in 2011 as the lead single and most "representative" cut of Rewoven 01. The name alone would sufficiently evoke visions of a rocket-fueled journey through space, and not to disappoint, the track does indeed center on an aggressive, yet groovy 1/16th-note oscillating bassline that is truly high octane. All the while, a funky lead synth suggests that extraterrestrial life abounds. Fans of all flavors of EDM: we invite you to embark on this truly unforgettable hour-long journey -- one that seems to transcend boundaries of sound and space alike.
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