Saturday, June 9, 2012

CLIFF MARTINEZ - Drive. Original Motion Picture Sound Track

Label: Invada
11 June, 2012  |  gatefold 2×LP picture disc  |  INV 106LPPIC
Style: Nu Disco
Total Tracks: 019

The Invada label overseen by Portishead's curmudgeonly beat maker Geoff Barrow drop this sumptuous must-have double vinyl picture disc edition of Cliff Martinez's highly lauded soundtrack to last year's Ryan Gosling vehicle Drive. It's hard not to see the music Martinez picked as well as produced as one of the classic sound tracks of contemporary cinema - aside from the inclusion of Frenchman whose career has been given a boost no one really wanted thanks to the Lovefoxx (of CSS fame) collaboration "Night Call". Bask in the delicate sounds of College and Desire, bug out to Chromatics at their darkest with "Tick Of The Clock" and then sink into the fourteen original compositions from Martinez which positively drip with finely judged atmosphere.
© juno records :       Invada

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