Saturday, June 9, 2012

Various - Minutes In Ice

Label: Frozen Border
11 June, 2012  |  unmixed CD  |  FBCD 01
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 011

It is testament to Frozen Border's artistic vision and approach that its hand-stamped, anonymous releases have succeeded in both attracting the cream of new talent and capturing the attention of the wider techno community. Without any fuss or fanfare, the label has proved that it is possible for underground labels to cut through much of the hype and fanboy cultish behaviour that had engulfed techno since the minimal explosion. Its initial 11 vinyl releases marked Frozen Border's first chapter, and Minutes In Ice is the start of the next phase. What Minutes In Ice does achieve is to provide a platform for a more diverse range of tempos and structures. It allows the label to give vent to Skirt's eerie ambience on "Beatless" and welcomes veteran UK producer Dean Cole to the fold with the dreamy textures and stop-start rhythms of "Time". The compilation also sees Frozen Border step out of the shadows; all the artists are identified - apart from the ever mysterious 4.26, who delivers the drummy groove and brooding bass of "Tharin" - and it makes room for new names too. Andrea Santoro delivers the hevay claps and eerie melodies of "Solid Smoke"; Canadian Mary Velo impresses with "Detune" a droning affair that leads into an uber-grungy denoument, while Frozen Border will undoubtedly win new fans by tapping Blawan for the racuous "Tuesday's March", where spiky percussion is fused with a visceral, stomping rhythm. Highly recommended.
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