Thursday, June 21, 2012

Various - Summerize

Label: Regular
19 June, 2012  |  Digital  |  RCO002
Style: Tech House
Total Tracks: 011

01. Pablo Bolivar - Next Player (Original Mix)
02. Jeff Bennett - Chordionz (Nhar Remix)
03. Marc Marzenit - Today Is Yesterday (Original Mix)
04. Maetrik - Transform (Original Mix)
05. Jaumetic, Citizen Kain - Criminal (Part 1) (Nhar Remix)
06. Sweet N Candy - Saltlick CT (Original Mix)
07. Inaqui Marin - Petal Bomber (Original Mix)
08. Nuel - Pupa (Touane Remix)
09. Dactilar - The Essence (Original Mix)
10. Marcel Janovsky - Vamos A Otro Piso (Original Mix)
11. Marc Marzenit - Spheere (Luis Bondio "Unofficial" Remix)

Regular label family is still immersed celebrating the 10th anniversary of life. A decade of regularity we started to collect for all of you on February. Here we go again with a second special compilation at the same time we are embracing the first rays of the summer... Summerize brings together in a new album the successful music made in the last years by artists such as Maetrik, Marc Marzenit, Pablo Bolivar, Marcel Janovsky, Jeff Bennett, Inaqui Marin, Sweet N Candy, Nuel, Jaumetic & Citizen Kain and Dactilar. The true philosophy of the label is here. From the deep house atmospheres, the beautiful dub sensations, to the groovy and shady tech-house sounds. Literally emotional but highly effective for the dance floor.... If this is one it is on the sand of the beach, so much better! Design concept by Periferia
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