Thursday, September 27, 2012


Label: 8 Sided Dice
24 September, 2012  |  Digital  |  ESD047
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 03

01. Destiny (Original Mix)
02. Destiny (Cari Lekebusch's 06:00 Remix)
03. Destiny (Cari Lekebusch's 04:00 Remix)

Having left a lasting impression on many with his Whipped track back in February, Chris Colburn makes an overdue return to 8 Sided Dice this September. Typically raw and uncomplicated, Destiny is a punchy slice of mechanical sounding techno, fusing wobbly metallic sounds over a punchy kick and incessant hats. Cari Lekebusch delivers two remixes to complete the package, the 06:00 remix that works the track up into an intense, shunting crescendo while the 04:00 remix adds swirling spaced out atmosphere.
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