Sunday, September 23, 2012

DEADMAU5 - Album Title Goes Here

Label: Mau5trap
24 September, 2012  |  CD  |  MAU5CD 015
Style: Electro House
Total Tracks: 013

For a man with so many Djing (or play button pressing) commitments, Joel Zimmerman is surprisingly productive. Album Title Goes Here (the wag, etc) is his 10th album in six years - a record that will keep the mouse head wearing Canadian in luxury cheese for years to come. As a set, Album Title Goes Here is pretty much what you'd expect, delivering various takes on house that are deeply rooted in his pumping, main room style. There are darker, tech-tinged moments ("Take Care of the Proper Paperwork"), shimmering faux ambient cuts ("Closer"), noisy electro-house rinse-outs ("Professional Griefers") and a well-executed tribute to fellow mask-wearers Daft Punk ("Maths"). Fans will love it.
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