Sunday, April 22, 2012

SCSI 9 - Metamorphosis

Label: Klik Greece
23 April, 2012  |  CD  |  KLCD 078
Style: Minimal / Tech House
Total Tracks: 010

With four previous, well-regarded full-lengths under their belt over the last decade, you could argue that the Russian duo SCSI 9 are quickly turning into album specialists. Certainly, their brand of soft-focus techno and deep house - laden with gorgeous melodies, warm chords and rich sounds - lends itself to the longer format. Metamorphosis is in many ways typical of their previous albums, offering a shuffling blend of cosy, minimal-influenced techno and yearning, hypnotic deep house. While there are some jarring moments - the bizarre vocal cut "Song From The High Tower" being the most obvious example - for the most part it's a quietly undulating ride.
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