Sunday, October 7, 2012

MAX COOPER DJ Set - XLR8R | Decibel Festival Mix

5 October, 2012  |  Digital  |  Soundcloud
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 01

01 Abyss "Birdsong (Flowers and Sea Creatures Remix)" (Buzzin' Fly)
02 Halls "Roses For The Dead (Max Cooper Remix)" (No Pain in Pop)
03 Jimmy Edgar "Black Neon Dancefloor" (Items & Things)
04 Vaetxh "List of Lists" (Tigerbeat6)
05 Ambivalent "Rumors" (Minus)
06 Agoria "Panta Rei (Max Cooper Remix)" (Infine)
07 Max Cooper feat. Braids "Automaton (Ghosting Season Remix)" (FIELDS)
08 Elef "Tales of 88 (Huxley Remix)" (Murmur)
09 Nils Frahm "For (Max Cooper Remix)" (Erased Tapes)
10 Ólafur Arnalds "Poland" (Erased Tapes)
11 Vaetxh "Unfolding Mechanism" (Detroit Underground)
12 Dan Cat "Winterslow (Max Cooper Remix)" (Playtime)
13 Pleasurekraft "Corpse Reviver No 2" (Brandnewvibe)
14 Nils Frahm "Peter (Max Cooper Remix)" (Erased Tapes)
15 The Slow Revolt "Dark Matter (Max Cooper Remix)" (Pavilion)

My approach for this mix was defined by the fact that I had to do it while travelling for my Americas tour. So I picked out a selection of my favourite tracks before leaving, and was constrained to use only these. The difficulty was that I had chosen a load of different genres, so it turned into a puzzle of how to fit them all together into some sort of coherent flow. It was a good way to work in the end as it encouraged me to make edits of lots of the tracks, and also lead to some nice unexpected combinations.
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