Wednesday, October 3, 2012

REPTILE YOUTH - Reptile Youth

Label: hfn Music
24 September, 2012  |  Digital  |  HFN19CDD
Style: Indie Dance
Total Tracks: 011

01. Black Swan Born White (Original Mix)
02. Morning Sun (Original Mix)
03. Dead End (Original Mix)
04. Speeddance (Original Mix)
05. Be My Yoko Ono (Original Mix)
06. A Flash In The Forest (Original Mix)
07. Shooting Up Sunshine (Original Mix)
08. It's Easy To Lose Yourself (Original Mix)
09. Heart Blood Beat (Original Mix)
10. Fear (Original Mix)
11. Fragile But Possible (Bonus Track)

'Hotly anticipated' does not really do justice to the level of excitement the release of Reptile Youth's debut album is generating among fans and critics alike. Those in the know are expecting the Danish duo to deliver a defining moment of 2012 - injecting their off kilter brand of highly-charged electro-punk-pop into the world's consciousness - and Reptile Youth aren't in the business of disappointing.
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