Saturday, October 6, 2012

SUBMERGE - Live 4, BSF Radioshow 030

3 October, 2012  |  Digital  |  Soundcloud
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 01

A Special Special thanks to my buddy Woo York for this podcast.

After performing at First Avenue located in Minnesota, respectably known for Prince’s forefront of music venues, I decided to release the recorded mix as part of the Submerge Live series, fourth edition. These mixes are released based on how memorable the events were. Seeing friends like Dustin Zahn, Arron Litschke, James Hammer come together as well as performing with my close friend’s Ricardo Garduno and my other half in the project Impact Mechanics Komprezzor, take a listen to what I have been rocking out too.
This mix is definitely one of my favorites to date.

Submerge Live 4  64:50

Track List
01:Komprezzor, Muting Klang
02:Malcom X, Humanity Speech
03:Quantic Spectroscopy, Hard Feelings
04:Angy Kore, Insane Roulette, Morgan Tomas Remix
05:Mr. Jones, Black Rainbow, Black Astroid Remix
06:David Christoph, Sandman, Gabeen Remix
07:Ricardo Garduno, Senseless, Impact Mechanics
08:Motor, Hyper Lust, Pfirter Remix
09:Peter Van Hoesen, Decoder
10:Jeff Derringer and Raiz, Deceit
11:Jonas Kopp, Resdel, Perthil and Aerts Remix
12:Planetary Assault Systems, Rip the cut, Submerge Edit
13:Mark Morris, Uprising
14:Truncate, Bodega
15:Peter Van hoesen, Rapture Coming
16:Spektre and Subfractal, Damage Limitation
17:Peter Van Hoesen, Inspection in solitude
18:Damien Schneider,Female, Tadeo Remix
20:Hyperactive, Wide open, Len Faki Edit
21:Frank Kvitta and Electronmike, Superheroes
22:Alexander D’neil, Klona, Truncate Remix
23:Spiros Kaloumenos, Under Pressure
24:James Ruskins and Mark Broom, Bites
25:Mark Morris, Defection
26:Hyperactive, 25 Hours in a day
27:Dj Sneak, You can’t Hide Your Bud
28:Ekko, Bleak
29:Redhead, Dark Angel, The Advent and Industrialyzer Remix
30:Tachini, Biscuit
31:MODZ, Prevention of Virtue
32:Komprezzor, Casting Darkness
33:Oscar Mulero, To convince for the truth
34:Submerge and Ricardo Garduno, Aposcaua
35:Subforms, Sensuality, Dub Version
Released by: Impact Mechanics
Release date: Oct 3, 2012
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