Saturday, October 20, 2012

THIAGO REIS - Ebwtbtdj Podcast 001

19 October, 2012  |  Digital  |  Soundcloud
Style: Deep House
Total Tracks: 01

For our first official Podcast, no better choice that a Brazilian Deep Dj Thiago Reis. Beach parties, hot bunnies, fun-fun-fun!

His vibes and his crate-digging skills convinced us to debut our Hallowed Pod with this Warung fan (he can see the club from his window, pretty soon he'll rock it too!).

EWTBTDJ is fun, silliness but it's first and foremost LOVE OF GREAT DEEP VIBES and love of house music tout court. Long live it. Long live us.

"Good music. That's the real deal for me! Instead of playing soccer, I just wanna play the best sound for me, my friends, and everyone around.
I´m honored to be part of this project, hope you all enjoy the deep vibes!"
Does he expect to start playing for real?
"Sure! But for now, you just enjoy what you hear ;)"
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soundcloud :    EverybodywantstobetheDJ

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