Friday, December 7, 2012

MAYA - Psyjukebox Mix

7 December, 2012  |  Digital  |  Soundcloud
Style: Psy-Trance
Total Tracks: 01

Maya started his artistic career as a Mc in 1995, performing in the best italian clubs and after parties.

In the early '00s he founded Technoexperience, a cooperative project with aim to organize goa parties, and soon began to emerge on the italian goa-trance scene as one of the main promoters, contributing to bringing the scene to a mainstream level and introducing to the italian scene internati
onal goa-trance artists for the first time.

Technoexperience is the mind behind some of the most important events on the local trance scene, such as SINAPSY, 24 ORE GOA, UNITED COLORS OF MUSIC (the first italian three days legal festival).

At the same time he started an electronic live act, where he collaborated with other musicians to create an experimental type of progressive goa, putting togheter electronic sounds (made using synthesizers and drum machines) and mixing them with tribal instruments such as didjereedoos and djembes.
This resulted into becoming an avant-garde project, something never heard before at the time, which went on to become a feature of many Technoexperience parties and other related events around italy

In late 2003 he started to dj as well and this went on to become his main activity.

His adventure as an international dj began in 2009 and soon his music style started being appreciated in many different countries.

His name appears in the lineup of many killer parties and festivals in all around Europe, Brazil and Thailand.

Maya enjoys playing different musical styles but his favourites genre are progressive-trance and psy/fullon!

He's Iono Music label dj since 2011.
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soundcloud :      PSYJUKEBOX

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