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Various - Best Of Lucidflow

Label: Lucidflow
18 December, 2012  |  Digital  |  DCD023
Style: Techno / Tech House / Deep House / Minimal / Chill Out
Total Tracks: 034

01. Nadja Lind - Best of Lucidflow (DJ Mix - Continuous DJ Mix)
02. Klartraum - Orchidee (Extended Cinematic Mix)
03. Klartraum - Angelo (Original Mix)
04. Mirza-Zadeh - Don't Mess With Chicago (Original Mix)
05. Helly Larson, Riccicomoto - Moving Dub (Deep Spelle Remix)
06. Klartraum - Pain Relief (Silicone Soul's Darkroom Dub)
07. Nadja Lind - Voyage (Original Mix)
08. Nadja Lind, Paul Loraine - Making a Difference (Original Mix)
09. Helmut Ebritsch - Drunken Divine (Original Mix)
10. Carlos Sanchez, DJ Ray - Last Call (Helmut Ebritsch Remix)
11. Klartraum - Growth (Original Mix)
12. Klartraum - Unique Shadow (TM Dr. Marc Gafni) Steve Rachmad Vocal Dub
13. Terje Saether - Full Focus (Original Mix)
14. Goiko, Alex Kaddour - Sensualite (Klartraum Remix)
15. Nadja Lind - Drifting Elements (Chris Lattner Remix)
16. Klartraum - Beyond Illusion (Original Mix)
17. Leenn'y - Mr. Green (Original Mix)
18. Klartraum - Kazandub (Paul Loraine Remix)
19. Klartraum - Dignity (Grunbox Remix)
20. Mirza-Zadeh - Reflection (Original Mix)
21. Saytek, Paul Loraine - Fundamental (Nadja Lind Precious Remix)
22. Nadja Lind - Saubille (Original Mix)
23. Nick Robson - Diving Bell (Klartraum Stars Remix)
24. Nadja Lind - The Pretty (Original Mix)
25. Klartraum - Helping Witness (Yapacc Remix)
26. Terje Saether - The Ripper (Original Mix)
27. Mirza-Zadeh - Crack of Dawn (Klartraum Cinematic Extended Mix)
28. Klartraum - Kazantrip (Original Mix)
29. Klartraum - All Dimensions (Original Mix)
30. Nadja Lind, Paul Loraine - Great Mistake (Original Mix)
31. Helmut Ebritsch - Deep Invitation (Nadja Lind Pointless Mix)
32. Klartraum - Sell Your Soul (Original Mix)
33. Nadja Lind - Sunspots (Original Mix)
34. Nadja Lind - Three - Jungle Experience (Binaural Meditation) Continuous DJ Mix

Cover Art Photography by Rizwan Ibrahim(Kenya). All Rights Reserved. Greame Reedie (Silicone Soul) Been a fan of Klartraum for a while now and this is wicked. Great deep techy vibe, loads of sweet sounds. Luciano I'll play All Dimensions. Patrick Chardronnet FAT RELEASE!!! all dimensions-wonderful!!!! Laurent Garnier Great organic deepness. Will play All Dimensions a lot. Oliver Klein All Dimensions is great! Guy J Liking all dimension , great one , thnx! Loco Dice Klartraum Remix is deep and warm!!! Secret Cinema Very useful for the loooong sets. Klartraum for me. Marco Carola Sensualit is a nice track. Shlomi Aber Very cool, Klartraum is the one. UNER Grande grande!!! Really big release!! Support!! Danny Tenaglia Sensualit for me. Tobi Neumann Nice Nadja! Voyage i will test on the beach! Andre Galluzzi Voyage I'll play at the next warm up :-) Timo Maas Sunspots.Deeeeeeeep! Orde Meikle (Slam) Voyage is very nice will support cool shit! Osunlade Its all about Voyage! Karotte Silicone Soul remix is a good dark techhouse tune for the morning hours. Will play this. Sian Silicone Soul mix is wicked! Gabriel Ananda Beautiful sounds and athmospheres. Like it! Hernan Cattaneo Growth is excellent. Dosem Whole Ep is magnificent, I loved Growth deep emotional and well produced perfect for warm ups. Jody Wisternoff GrowthSpellbinding!!!! Steve Rachmad Wow, Growth! Beautiful track! Karotte Last Call is great. Love it. Martin Eyerer Nice Helmut Ebritsch Remixes. Orde Meikle (Slam) Great Release been playing Beyond Illusion for months. Still be there in months to come Excellent. Peter Kruder I like Beyond Illusion here. Nice Harmonies. Will play this. John Selway Sounds excellent as usual, into all the tracks. Very nice chord progression in Beyond Illusion. Dubfire Deep stuff here!! Samuel L Session Can see Angelo work very lateearly,,, Nick Warren Wonderful deepness throughout!! Full support from me! Peter Kruder I'm liking Making A Difference original. Will play this out! Konrad Black: Nice and deepmy favorite is the Klartraum mix of Crack of Dawnthanks! Gel Abril: grnbox and also nadja lind are sweet remix tnx will test it:-) Loco Dice: Grunbox rmx is the one for me ! D Seth Troxler Amazing Drunken Divine. Full stop!! Will definitely be playing! Voitek (Catz n Dogz) Cool i was just looking for some club bombs J Drunken Divine is really nice. Pig (Pig & Dan) I enjoyed Drunken Divine the most.. could be a hot summer track for afterhours. Laurent Garnier Great mix by STEVE Funky as hell as always Lars Sandberg Funk D Void Soma great release, Steve nails it!! Sebo K -- Fundamental - nice one ! full support. Agoria -- Fundamental - great vibe Maceo Plex: kazandub - support, thanks.
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