Thursday, August 9, 2012

DNYO - Echo

Label: Proton Music
7 August, 2012  |  Digital  |  PROTON0184
Style: Progressive House / Deep House
Total Tracks: 02

01. Roots (Original Mix)
02. Fruits (Original Mix)

DNYO ('like saying Daniel' according to artist Daniel Oliveira) first came to the attention of Proton Radio and Label director, Jason Wohlstadter, during DNYO's "Treatment" podcast for the station during 2011. No stranger to producing original material for the likes of microCastle and Indigo, the Brazilian maestro has already been remixed by progressive heavyweights Charlie May, Barry Jamieson and Andre Sobota, with his Aquatika EP one of the progressive highlights of 2012 thus far. After a remix of Exoplanet for Proton earlier this year, DNYO is back with a superlative 2 track EP entitled "Echo". Reflecting the EP's long developmental process, both pieces are carefully constructed affairs, brim full of the textured sounds and rhythms, characteristic of the progressive sound defined by May, Jamieson and Sasha. Juxtaposed against each other, "Roots" feels the slightly darker of the two, with building rhythms and futuristic textured layers leading to a tension-filled riff as the track progresses. "Fruits" immediately has a slightly lighter feel with its opening percussive elements, reinforced by a bright vocal intonation and glittering abstract melodies. It is not just alliteration that denotes the "Echo" between the tracks, but the atmospheres and textures in both a perfect blend that encapsulates the linear growth from the "Roots" of one bearing "Fruit" in the other. Sit back and enjoy art in motion. Directed by Jason Wohlstadter Mastered by Henri Hurtig Designed by Ben Mautner Text by James Warren.
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