Sunday, August 5, 2012

REGIS - Death Head Said

Label: Downwards
6 August, 2012  |  double 12"  |  DN 050
Style: Techno
Total Tracks: 07

A1. Death Head Said
A2. Absolute
B1. Baptism (Extended Version)
C1. Death Head Said (Version)
C2. Assume Nothing
D1. VD Hospital
D2. Unnatural

Not content with reissuing a triple CD package of his most essential work, UK techno icon Regis has dug up some raw turn-of-the-century material for a double 12" reissue compilation. The seven tracks featured appeared in Karl O'Connor's live shows, and are described as ""interlocking pieces that were constructed to be played back to back". There is much to explore here, including title track "Death Head Said", first heard on 2000's Disintegration, which is underpinned by a brutal, expertly EQ'd militant stomp, and insane looped riff that gives the track infinite funk. "Absolute" meanwhile rattles like a shaking skeleton, sounding like some kind of tortured, beastly proto French House track, while the beat on "Baptism" seems in a perpetual state of falling over itself. On the second 12" be sure to check the high octane machine funk of "Assume Nothing" and the sweat drenched, piston-pumping factory line chugger "Unnatural". Essential - obviously!
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