Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SOLARIX & OPPOSITE8 - Force Fiction EP

Label: Iono Music
10 August, 2012  |  Digital  |  INM1DIGI082
Style: Psy-Trance
Total Tracks: 04

01. Solarix - Force Fiction (Original Mix)
02. Opposite8 - Deep Inside (Original Mix)
03. Solarix & Opposite8 - Disco Records (Original Mix)
04. Solarix & Opposite8 - Faith Feelings (Original Mix)

Some people have a strong sense of imagination, so strong that they do not need to close their eyes in order to see animated figures running around. Others have to settle for the mundane routine that surrounds us all and occasionally try to Force Fiction upon their life, just to try and experience that magical realm, where everything is possible. Three artists who have taken upon themselves to unleash the imagination planets through their intense music are Solarix, aka Sahar Yona, and Opposite 8, aka Kobi Kastoriano and Idan Hos, who have decided to join forces for the sacred cause. Their joint venture is a unique combination of old and new; Kastoriano and Hos are veteran artists from the 1990s who took part in famous compilations such as Ptzatzot and a few other albums, while Yona has started his way 5 years ago and released tracks on various labels such as Plusquam, Ovnimoon and more. A Solarix planet collided with Opposite8 planet to Force Fiction. They had to Dive Deep in order to scratch the imagination cells that were not in use, and to stimulate what had been forgotten. They tried Disco Records with a combination of an enchanted mirror ball that was not in use since the 1970s. Their massive success brought Faith Feelings among those skeptics who believed they were doomed to live in a grey limbo for the rest of their life, and discovered that all the colors of the world were just waiting to be rediscovered.
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