Thursday, August 23, 2012

Various - Faze DJ Set 05. ALLE FARBEN

Label: DJ Series
17 August, 2012  |  Digital  |  DJS045INT
Style: Deep House / Tech House
Total Tracks: 015

01. Alle Farben - Faze DJ-Set 05 (Continuous DJ Mix)
02. Nil By Mouth - Glabella (Original Mix)
03. Madmotormiquel, Sebo - Hear Me Say (Original Mix)
04. Marek Hemmann, Fabian Reichelt - Pictures (Original Mix)
05. Cascandy - Cascandy Six (Andhim's Hands On Cascandy Six)
06. Sidney Charles - Sandbox Love (Original Mix)
07. Umami - El Mundo (Original Mix)
08. Drauf & Dran - Elise (Alle Farben Remix)
09. Shemian - Classical Symphony (Alle Farben Remix)
10. Alle Farben - Galant (Egokind Remix)
11. Enzo Siffredi - Grease (Original Mix)
12. JFTH - Flip Flop (Original Mix)
13. Lizzara & Tatsch - Trompa (Alle Farben Remix)
14. Monkey Safari - Lenis Gugu (Original Mix)
15. Flapjacks - Mister Sandman (Alle Farben Remix)

Paying tribute to the "Golden Twenties" there is a new trend arising straight out of Germanys capital Berlin: Electro Swing. Merging Swing elements & samples with modern tech-house beats the fanbase for this music and the associated parties is growing rapidly. One of the new uprising talents out of this movement is young DJ & producer Alle Farben. But you shouldn't narrow him down to this genre. He has much more to offer!Get ready for his Faze DJ Set combining Swing elements with organic Deep- & Tech-House. Enjoy...
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