Thursday, August 9, 2012

RODRIGUEZ JR. - Muppet Anthem

Label: Mobilee Records
16 July, 2012  |  Digital  |  MOBILEE095
Style: Tech House / Deep House
Total Tracks: 04

01. Muppet Anthem (Original Mix)
02. Ocean Drive (Original Mix)
03. Satellite (Original Mix)
04. Palo Alto (Original Mix)

Only five releases away from the 100th, Rodriguez Jr. delivers on the 095 with a generous 4-track, digital only edition titled "Muppet Anthem". The self-titled number makes up the first track on the EP with a pleasant array of upbeat house-party elements and groovy vocals making this piece of work totally dance-floor worthy in the heat of the summer. Seething down to the second track, "Ocean Drive" takes it down a notch by starting the track with exotic and tropical elements as it progresses into a high peak of faster beats and steady keyboard strikes. Its a number that will leave your feet grounded as your swaying shoulders and bobbing head lead the dance. "Satellite" comprises the third number an emotional hymn bursting with soulful vocals and periodic tambourine jingles and jangles. Enjoy this eye closer preferably with your head back and arms reaching towards the sky. Closing out the set is "Palo Alto", a high tempo number with various calculated beats one setting off the next. Crying vocals wrapped in multi-faceted elements will leave even your goosebumps dancing. The French producer/DJ has a stupendous track record with mobilee and its sister label, Leena. In 2011 he released his very first album titled "Bittersweet" on the mobilee imprint. The summer of 2012 has seen weekly gigs throughout Europes favorite beach bars and waterfront clubs with Rodriguez Jr.
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