Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Various - Chile Psytrance Vol.2

Label: Ovnimoon Records
13 August, 2012  |  Digital  |  OVNICD030
Style: Psy-Trance
Total Tracks: 010

Compiled By Ovnimoon

01. Relative - The Holographic Sphere (Relativ Remix)
02. Moaiact - Shockwave (Original Mix)
03. Gesh - Psyche (Gao Remix)
04. Zlott, Gesh - Drunken Dronken (Original Mix)
05. Telepatic - Understand (Original Mix)
06. Josh, Psydeva - Fast Connection (Original Mix)
07. Zoologic - May Day (Original Mix)
08. Pulsar, Electryxeed - Outside the Lines (Original Mix)
09. Joshlive - Loudly Feelings (Original Mix)
10. Pulsar, Thaihanu - Exploration of Mars (Original Mix)

Ovnimoon and Goa Records are proud to present a special edition of the wildly popular series CHILE PSYTRANCE. Hector Stuardo aka Ovnimoon lovingly compiled a sonic excursion featuring 14 of the leading producers from his homeland. Chile is a country located in the southwest corner of South America. The official name is Republic of Chile and its capital is the city of Santiago. A beautiful country divided by deserts, the sea, and beautiful vegetation. A country where the land is moving constantly, and where a small Psytrance scene was born over 20 years ago, evolving to these current days, when new producers are makings sounds and journeys through music. Chile is characterized as a country where Trance music is very serious, we like the music with finesse and psychedelic depth. Now Ovnimoon records offers a journey born in this corner of the world, a beautiful land that not many know, a cosmic Psytrance journey from a country named Chile. Special Announcement! There is a BONUS VIDEO (WMV format) included by Doctor Spook and Random featuring track #10 Pulsar Vs Thaihanu - Exploration of Mars. Expect a full album from Pulsar and Thaihanu soon! Also Track #10 is included in full length as an MP3 as part of the Enhanced CD content.
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